The production line machines are all Europe-made (Austria, Germany, Italy and England) which include:

1. Extruders (DIN 8074) manufactured by Cincinnati, Austria

2. Hoppers, feeders, raw material degassers and drying silos, manufactured by Piovan, Italy

3. Elements, PC, PLC, and Field Bus Manufactured by Siemens and Vacon, Germany

4. Production line downstream, manufactured by Battenfeld-Cincinnati, Germany and Austria

5. Control and measurement instrument and machinery, manufactured by ConPro, Germany; including: Gravimetric control, ultrasonic Scanner, and screen Changer

6. Smart saws based on high technologies, manufactured by Sica, Itlay (model: TRK/SY)

7. Printing machinery, manufactured by Domino, England (Class A), including D TreatorPlasma

8. Other Machines Manufactured in Iran using Japanese parts from Djekon, Kito, and Nissan